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Warehouse Stack

Warehouse link to any Images in RapidWeaver

Use Warehouse Stack to keep your RapidWeaver projects light, fast-saving and keep your images organised!

Demo Site >

Some things that make this RapidWeaver Stack awesome:

  1. Keep your RapidWeaver projects light and saving time faster
  2. Add cool filters and borders to your images
  3. Use JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF - you name it
  4. Link to RapidWeaver resources or any Warehouse image on your server or any image on the Internets
  5. Add links to warehouse images
  6. Add ALT tags also for SEO benefit
  7. Manipulate the width and alignment also
  8. Add high-res images

Pay-what-you-want (from $5) to add this Stack to your RapidWeaver projects.

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