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Modal Stack

Simple modal pop ups for RapidWeaver. Highlight sign up forms, important messages and your special offers.

Modal Stack is a quick to use modal popup Stack for RapidWeaver. Create and style buttons that when clicked reveal more content such as text, images, video and any other Stacks. There's also a bonus Modal Stack included which pops up after a few seconds to really highlight the offer you want to show visitors.

Demo Preview >

Some things that make this Stack awesome:

• Based on Google Material Design
• Quick to build amazing pop-ups
• Works with any RapidWeaver Theme or Framework (such as Foundation or Foundry)
• Fully responsive to look great on any viewport
• Add in any Stacks content you want (text, videos, images) or other Stacks
• Add as many as you want to a page
• Comes with a bonus Popup Stack that appears after a few seconds and comes with a cookie (that you can set) so as to not bother visitors again in the future if they took the action or dismissed the popup

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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