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Members Stack

Create private membership sites with user management for RapidWeaver.

Membership sites, registration and logins for RapidWeaver, all without a database nor any installation needed. RapidWeaver Stacks, Theme and Project all included.

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Why is this Stack awesome?

  • ✅Add to as many domains as you wish (unlimited)
  • ✅Users can register, login, logout and change their password
  • ✅Muti users and multi passwords
  • ✅Fast, works with SSL pages and secure Encryption of logins
  • ✅No database required - no installation needed - just upload and easy to transfer and move
  • ✅Change password feature included - create a “my account” page
  • ✅ Add logout links to your buttons so users can leave their private RapidWeaver Members area.
  • ✅Hashed passwords with latest tech (salt and hash) so as secure as can be
  • ✅Lock multiple pages and sub pages with sessions built-in
  • ✅Delete users by easily deleting their name card off the server
  • ✅Optional personalised welcome message to users
  • ✅Translate all text strings in the Stack
  • ✅Easily change colours of the Members Theme
  • ✅Comes with Stacks, Theme and RapidWeaver Project

Get it today individually on this page or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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