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Grab Stack

Grab HTML from other websites and pull it into your RapidWeaver projects.

Get HTML directly from any web page and display it in your RapidWeaver site. Data remains up to date from the source you specify and is really useful for grabbing frequently updated information like news, weather, pricing data, sports results and rankings. Create widgets to embed on your RapidWeaver sites.

Demo Preview >

For example:

1. To get the latest Bitcoin valuations you just need to give the URL of that page and a CSS selector of that element and when your RapidWeaver page is visited, it shows the latest Bitcoin rankings from the original source. For example in the demo here.

2. Or, embed a whole site such as our RapidWeaver Store. This takes the stylings of that Store page and is used here with Foundry theme. See that demo here.

Some things that make this RapidWeaver Stack awesome:

  • Grab any HTML from any site
  • Display multiple sources and Grabs on one page
  • Great for changing data such as sports results, markets, and so on
  • Pinpoint which part of a page to grab with css selectors or embed a full page
  • Updated live when page refreshed
  • Easy to use and lightweight Stack
  • Cross-browser compatible and works in your any of your favourite themes (Foundry, Foundation etc)
  • Optional loading spinner
  • Images and movies can be brought in also if they are embedded in the page and absolute links
  • HTML is Grabbed as bare bones and styled by your theme or can be easily customised through custom CSS in RapidWeaver page inspector

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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