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Cart CMS Stack

Cart CMS brings Ecommerce CMS to RapidWeaver Stacks.

Auto build your store in a few minutes and allow it to be editable in the browser from any device (outside of RapidWeaver). Great for client work or quick changes to your store.

Demo Ecommerce CMS Here >

Benefits of this over Cart2 and other RapidWeaver Shop products:

  • Quick to setup and create many products - it auto builds with less inputs
  • Edit from any browser (client can edit!)
  • No database to install! Static site so fast and no complicated setup
  • Multi product variations instead of just one
  • Multi pricing variations per item (previously not possible in Cart2)
  • Set item quantities and limit the quantities that can be bought, per item and not just across the whole cart
  • Warehouse imaging for thumbs and product main shots
  • Powerful filtering system with multiple filters, search boxes, range sliders and sorting boxes
  • More cleaner cart checkout and layout
  • User-friendly responsive one page cart design


  • Auto masonry grid with products (1,2,3 columns selectable)
  • Modal box with product description, images and prices
  • Support for tablets & smartphones
  • The shopping cart remembers products added to the basket over pages
  • Basic Shipping and address collection setting
  • Take credit cards or PayPal balance via your standard PayPal account (standard free PayPal account only required)

Buy this now as a standalone product or get it for Free in the Bundle with all our RapidWeaver items >

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