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Cart 3 Stack

Simple E-commerce shopping cart in RapidWeaver with Stripe, Google Pay,  Pay and PayPal (SCA EU regulation compliant).

Make single page shops or detailed e-commerce sites, Cart 3 is a powerful update that remembers items added to the basket across any RapidWeaver page. Sell from your shop with Stripe, Google Pay,  Pay and / or PayPal simple product items or more detailed products with unlimited product variables, shipping options and discounts. Happy e-commerce with RapidWeaver.

"In my opinion undoubtedly one of the best (e-commerce) RW stacks on the market :+1:" ~ Konstantijn Van Calster

"Best Stripe integration solution for our use case, hands down" ~ sir.dmp

Demo Cart 3 Shop Site >

New in Version3!

  • Google Pay and  Pay included with optimised mobile checkout!
  • SCA compliant with 3D secure for new EU regulations from September 14th 2019
  • 14 language checkouts with currency localisation decimals
  • Customise checkout screen with colours and branding
  • Built-in Stripe's new fraud protection - liability shift!
  • Itemised sales information on PayPal and Stripe dashboards for easy order reconciliation
  • Email receipts: automatically send email receipts to your customers and notifications to the seller

Some things that make this RapidWeaver Stack awesome:

  • Sell with Stripe and / or PayPal
  • Builds and extends on the popular Cart 2 Stack
  • Flexible Cart buttons - create detailed product pages or sell all items from a one page shop
  • Responsive Cart and works in any of your favourite themes and Stacks (such as Foundry and Foundation)
  • Unlimited variations (such as colour or size) can be added and re-arranged - with drag and drop and individually styled
  • Remembers items added to the cart across your RapidWeaver site
  • Take address information for postal / billing info
  • Shipping and volume shipping option included
    Discounts and volume discounts also available
  • Sell fixed quantity products. So set a limit if you only have so many items or sell unique items
  • Force users to agree to your Terms and Conditions before checkout if required
  • Out of Stock / Limited Stock / In Stock function to quickly update your store availability and encourage sales
  • Style the text, colour, graphics, padding and layout of Add to Cart Buttons, as well as the PayPal and Stripe buttons
  • Localisation - translate all Cart text and call to action buttons, plus Stripe auto detects the user’s location and language
  • Over 135 currencies are available to sell in!
  • Add View Cart buttons anywhere on your RapidWeaver site

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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