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Boost Stack

Super fast cache that pre-loads content and makes RapidWeaver sites much faster.

Speed up RapidWeaver sites and reduce the delay between your pages, minimizing browser requests and enhancing your user's web experience. Create fluid and smooth transition between your website's pages and speed up your sites and lower bandwidth without changing anything on the server.

"My site went from a B to an A on" ~ Chris Potter

Boost Demo

Why is this awesome?

  1. Reduce the delay between pages and don't reload assets for each page load.
  2. Works with Foundation, Foundry, UKit, Blueball Freestyle Theme, Navigation Stack, Blank Theme, JW Blank and any Naviation theme or RapidWeaver framework that places the Navigation inside the Body Stacks content. This means it is compatible and speeds up all Stacks also.
  3. To use it add a Boost Stack to your page. And place all your site's content (including Navigation) into the Boost Stack. Add this to each and every page. Republish your site. And you will see a faster site.
  4. Since there is a 100-300ms delay during the user hover and the click, we can use this time to start prefetching the page. Most of the time this dead time is enough to get the next page ready!
  5. No amends needed to your server and this Stack works best if any optimisation on your server doesn't exist or is switched off.

Note: a RapidWeaver project with all assets in the body is required for this to work, such as Foundry or Foundation Themes or Navigation Stack. Using a theme with a standard RapidWeaver navbar such as a default template won't work.

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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