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Booking Stack

Book events, appointments and B&B stays with Booking Stack for RapidWeaver.

It's been long requested and now there's finally a Booking Stack for RapidWeaver. Take restaurant reservations, hair salon bookings or lawyer meetings with this powerful Stack. Styled by your chosen theme, Booking Stack lets you collect, manage and export your data without needing a complicated database setup.

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Some things that make this RapidWeaver Stack awesome:

  • Collect email, name, telephone, dates, payments
  • Booking blocks out time & date slots dynamically so only non-reserved slots can be booked (prevents double bookings)
  • Manually exclude times when you are busy and set start and end times for your workday (so you can't be booked when you're not working!)
  • Set booking time intervals to any slot you work in - 15 minutes, 30 minutes, you name it. Or remove the time and just work in days
  • No database needed, all stored in a flat CSV file.
  • Export data to CSV for Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Excel..
  • Manage bookings from a password protected admin screen
  • Payment integration with Checkout Stack (sold separately)
  • Built in gorgeous calendar date & time pickers - including 24 hour clock
  • reCAPTCHA support to avoid booking by robots!
  • Styles controlled by theme options (Foundry and Foundation compatible) and also override any theme with button controls for colours, padding, radius, font size and hover styles!
  • Translatable for localisation
  • HTML5 validation so fields not submitted until verified
  • Email notifications to site admin and booker when a reservation is placed with details of the booking included in the body message

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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