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A/B Split Stack

A/B Split Test your site content in RapidWeaver.

Measure A/B split tests and optimisations from within RapidWeaver Stacks and page elements (or whole pages). Record results in Google Analytics then display your best performing content.

AB Split Demo

A/B testing is usually hard and expensive. But it's a great way to test which designs or copy are having the best desired outcomes for your site visitors. Then you can choose to run the layout which converts best.

Why is this awesome?

  1. You can test elements of a page or whole pages.
  2. Test any Stack content you like.
  3. Works with Foundation, Foundry, UKit, Blueball Freestyle Theme, Navigation Stack, Blank Theme, JW Blank or any RapidWeaver framework or standard Theme.
  4. Add the results to your Google Analytics Dashboard so you can make more informed decisions based on customer behaviour and conversions.
  5. No complex server setup or 3rd party software required. Just RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin.

Get it today individually here or for free as part of the Yuzoolthemes Bundle.

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